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Level up with the Power of AI

Complicated technology is a thing of the past: Mr. Tomato's highly customizable platform simplifies everything for everyone.

View and manage the restaurant's Schedule on a unified system.
Follow tasks and procedures with ease and accuracy with our Restaurant Checklists
Make data-driven decisions with AI generated Analytics.
Create smooth work conversations with our in-app Messenger

Smart & Snappy Employee Onboarding

Turnovers are inevitably high in the restaurant industry: Manage staff rotation like a pro with an engaging AI training system!

Gamified Menu, Bar, and Policy Training
Auto-Generated questions
Customized learning paths based on specific roles
Emphasis on engagement and memory retention

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Many restaurants have started their AI journey!

AI-Powered Team Building
At It’s Finest!

Play by the Rules!

Simplify the process of sharing and learning policies with Mr. Tomato LXP!

Managers upload and manage the restaurant's policies.
New hires learn them easily with interactive AI- training.
Keep your standards high
Onboard new employees faster

Learning & Communication for a New Generation

Scrolling and double tapping are today's thing.

That's why Mr. Tomato LXP incorporates the social media life style to its platform!

Create a community with your staff by sharing news and events in a scrolling timeline.
Stimulate their knowledge with AI-generated  pop-up questions based on their training materials.

Quick Training That Actually Works

Turn each employee into an expert with the coolest LXP for restaurants:

AI-automated lessons, exams, and certifications in formats inspired by modern games.
More fun. More engagement. Magnified results.
Just upload your materials and Tomato will take care of the rest!

Get your shift together!

Shift changes, vacations, and permits can take a while to process— especially when they’re requested through scattered channels.

Manage your staff’s schedules in a unified system that allows you to quickly assign shifts, approve requests, and supervise within the same platform.

Happy employees make happy customers

A satisfied and well-trained team will always be the key to any business’ success.

Easy to use for employees of any role,  age, and level of experience.
Crafted to meet employee needs, simplify their jobs, and boost their performance.
Specialized on enhancing service quality through knowledge and motivation.

Your employees grow, your business grows!

Manage 'like a boss' anywhere, anytime

Relax and keep an eye on everything from the palm of your hand!

Staff schedules and task progress
Restaurant employee training results and feedback
Each of your locals’ performance and statistics

Why Restaurants Choose
Mr. Tomato LXP for growth?

Mr. Tomato LXP is the ultimate wingman for onboarding new hires, it makes the process a breeze, it's like having a personal trainer for your new team members, you can't go wrong with this tool!
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb
Binokl Coffee, Coffee Chain
"The new checklist feature is remarkably convenient, and we're delighted with Mr. Tomato's commitment to adapting to our requirements. This has notably accelerated the onboarding process for our new employees.”
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb
Eurasia, Fusion Restaurant Chain
"Mr. Tomato LXP is the ultimate wingman for onboarding new hires, it makes the process a breeze, it's like having a personal trainer for your new team members, you can't go wrong with this tool!”
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb
ilmolino, Pizza Chain

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