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Frequently asked questions

What does Mr. Tomato do?

The app helps restaurants onboard new employees, train their staff, and organize each team through user-friendly and interactive AI-powered techniques, making every process faster, easier, and more efficient.

Is Mr. Tomato fit for my restaurant?

Of course! Mr. Tomato is highly customizable and it specializes on fitting any restaurant's specific needs. It also offers different pricing plans for you to choose what fits best. Independent restaurants, chains, or franchises-- Mr. Tomato takes care of them all!

Can I request a customized pricing plan?

Yes you can. If you believe your restaurant needs something different from what our standard plans offer, you can always contact us to request one. We will schedule a call and analyze your restaurant's specific needs.

Can I include several locations with my plan?

Yes. Mr. Tomato was made for restaurant managers to look after many teams and locations at once from the comfort of their forms. Our plans start from 10 locations and extend to as many as you have.

How can I start using Mr. Tomato?

Mr. Tomato is very easy to set up. You get a free 14 day trial to test its functionality. During this time, we will help you  learn how to use the system, you will have access to all features and also video tutorials.

What does 'LXP' mean?

The main characteristic of a Learning Experience Platform is that it involves its users in knowledge acquisition through AI-powered technologies. That is what sets Mr. Tomato LXP apart from other learning platforms, making it more efficient and advanced for quick restaurant training.

Is my data secure with Mr. Tomato?

Completely. Our app has advanced security levels, with complete data encryption and GPS and Wifi fencing. You can learn more about how we keep your information safe in our Security section.

Where can I register and download the app?

The app is available for mobile on both App Store and Playstore. You can download it for free and register directly on the app or right here in our website. If it's your first time, you get a 14-day FREE TRIAL.