Your team in a nutshell

Control, manage, and analyze your restaurant team's performance across all your locations with Tomato LXP.

Keep your entire staff in the palm of your hands, assign responsibilities, and delegate decisions with real-time statistics.

Data-Driven Decisions

No more waiting for paper reports or feedback! Our analytics feature provides you with instant insights into your team's performance.

Task Reporting Mastery

Track and analyze your team's completion of checklists, ensuring that all procedures are being followed correctly.

With a clear view of their performance, you'll be able to identify areas for improvement and take action to increase efficiency.

Level-up your restaurant now!

Easy Role Management

Tomato LXP allows you to create and assign custom roles for your team with ease.
Create different levels of access for materials.‍
Unlimited number of roles
‍Easily invite employees to join the app
All permissions for any role can be edited in the app and are immediately saved, allowing you to prescribe any functions and materials to any role you need.

Enterprise-Wide Analytics

With Tomato LXP, you'll have access to real-time data from all your locations at once, allowing you to approve, correct, or direct in an instant.

You'll be able to keep track of your entire team's training and certification progress and adjust your strategy to ensure continued success.

Automated Testing

Tomato's Analytics allows full automation of the testing process, setting up tests to run monthly or after passing a certain percentage of materials covered by an employee.

This way, you can ensure that your staff is always on top of their game and ready to take on any challenge.

Amazing Collab features

Connect with your team
Collaborate on designs in multiple ways--by commenting, co-working, chatting and jumping on quick huddles.
Build  high-converting ads
Use different formats and  pre-built templates, and make marketing creatives without starting from scratch.
Organize and share
Set up folders, manage permissions, vote on creatives and time-box work with Collab.

Collab integrates with all your favourite tools.

Join the Restaurant Revolution with Mr. Tomato LXP!

Employees come and go, but
Tomato is FOREVER!

Maintain an impeccable team with high-quality service through the ages with our amazing AI-powered features: