The Importance of a Digital Employee Onboarding App for Restaurants

Effective employee onboarding is critical to the success of any restaurant.

That’s why a digital solution like Mr. Tomato

is best way to onboard new employees smoothly, quickly, and effectively. Here's why:

Onboarding sets the tone: This is the first experience a new hire will have with the restaurant. A smooth and comprehensive onboarding process can help establish a positive relationship between the employee and the restaurant right from the start.
Time and cost-efficient: The average time to onboard a new employee is between 8-12 weeks, which can be costly and time-consuming for restaurant managers. With Mr. Tomato's employee onboarding tools, the process can be streamlined, saving time and resources.
Ensures consistency: Mr. Tomato's onboarding app ensures consistency in training and onboarding processes across all locations, guaranteeing that new employees receive the same level of training and experience across your entire restaurant chain.
Customizable: The employee onboarding template provided by Mr. Tomato's app is highly customizable, allowing restaurant managers to tailor the onboarding experience to the specific needs of their restaurant.

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How Mr. Tomato's Digital Onboarding Works

Mr. Tomato offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines the employee onboarding process step-by-step, from beginning to end. Here's how it works:

1. Introduction to the Team: Create a new user for your new hire, specifying their name, role, and responsibilities. Once part of the platform, they’ll be able to see their co-worker’s information and who will be in charge of their supervision.
2. Knowing the Policies: The very first step of an effective employee onboarding process is getting your new hires aquainted with your restaurant’s rules and standards. Get it going in the coolest and easiest way with Mr. Tomato’s Digital Playbook.
3. Learning the Menu: Knowing the food catalog is the most important part of the restaurant employee onboarding process. Make your staff learn your entire menu faster than ever with Mr. Tomato’s highly engaging training modules.
4. Alcohol Pairing Knowledge: Get your staff to sell better and more by learning how to pair dishes with drinks with Mr. Tomato’s Cork Academy. There’s so much a perfect drink can do to boost your client’s satisfaction!
5. Setting up Schedules: Assign, view and manage your new employee’s shifts on a unified system, streamlining the scheduling process.
6. Assign Checklists: New employees can easily follow tasks and procedures with ease and accuracy with Mr. Tomato's checklists, reducing the risk of errors and mix-ups during trial period and beyond.

AI-Training: The Future of Restaurant Onboarding

Mr. Tomato was created to deliver the best employee onboarding experiences for both new hires and managers, easily turning employees into experts with fun and engaging lessons and certifications in formats inspired by modern games. Here's how it works:

Auto-generated questions: Mr. Tomato's AI-automated system generates questions based on your restaurant’s uploaded training materials, ensuring that they retain the information they need to perform their job effectively.
Customized learning paths: Mr. Tomato's app creates customized learning paths based on the employee's needs, registering their strengths and weaknesses and ensuring that they receive the training they need to succeed.
Gamified training: Mr. Tomato's training platform is gamified, making the training experience more engaging and enjoyable for employees, leading to better retention rates.
Quick training: Mr. Tomato's platform offers quick and efficient training that delivers results, allowing employees to get up to speed faster.

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