Introducing Mr. Tomato's Checklists for Restaurants

Looking for a stress-free way to keep track of your restaurant's daily tasks?

Checklist App for Restaurants

Our user-friendly checklist app for restaurants is designed to make sure you never miss a task again, no matter how hectic your day gets.

Assign specific tasks to each employee with step-by-step guidance for every procedure
Ensure your restaurant's procedures are consistent throughout any location and in the hands of any employee performing them
Include every detail with multimedia attachments such as video tutorials and images
Monitor and review your employees' work with real-time updates, no matter where you are

Level-up your restaurant now!

The Benefits of Having Digital Restaurant Checklists

Still not convinced that checklists are an essential tool for your restaurant? Here are just a few reasons why incorporating checklists into your daily operations can improve your business:

Standardized procedures: A restaurant checklist app can help ensure that each employee performs tasks the same way every time, which leads to consistent quality and improved efficiency.
Improved communication: Restaurant checklists can help reduce confusion and misunderstandings by providing clear instructions and expectations for each task.
Increased productivity: By assigning tasks and prioritizing them in a checklist, your team can work more efficiently and get more done in less time.
Smooth onboarding: Checklists for restaurants can be used as a training tool to teach new employees standard operating procedures and ensure that they are following them correctly.
Enhanced accountability: Checklists make it easy to monitor and track each employee's progress, so you can provide feedback and coaching as needed.

Using Mr. Tomato's Digital Checklists for Your Restaurant

Whether you want to use pre-determined restaurant checklist templates or create one from scratch, Mr. Tomato gives you a universe of possibilities.

To name a few, these are the most important restaurant checklists you can create with our app:

Restaurant Daily Opening Checklist

Our app makes it easy to create a customized checklist for your restaurant's daily opening tasks, including everything from cleaning to food prep.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Checklist

Keep your restaurant clean and safe for customers and employees by using our app to create a deep cleaning checklist. Include everything from scrubbing floors and walls to sanitizing equipment and surfaces.

Checklist for Restaurant Operations

Use our app to create a comprehensive checklist of all the tasks involved in running your restaurant, from ordering supplies to managing staff schedules.

Checklist for Restaurant Manager

As a manager, it's important to stay on top of your responsibilities and ensure that your team is performing their tasks correctly. Our app lets you create a checklist of your daily duties and track your progress throughout the day.

Restaurant Maintenance Checklist

Avoid costly repairs and equipment downtime by using our app to create a maintenance checklist for your restaurant. Include regular tasks such as checking HVAC systems and replacing air filters, as well as any other equipment-specific maintenance needs.

Restaurant Equipment Checklist

Keep track of all the equipment in your restaurant and ensure that it's working properly by using our app to create an equipment checklist. Include regular maintenance tasks, such as cleaning and oiling, as well as any repairs or replacements that need to be made.

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With Mr. Tomato's Digital Checklists, you can improve your restaurant's operations and ensure that your team is performing their tasks correctly and efficiently.

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