Elevate Your Franchise with Mr. Tomato

Are you looking to take your franchise to the next level? Mr. Tomato is here to help!

Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) features gamified practices, customizable certifications, and a team management portal that will revolutionize the way you train and organize your staff.

Consistency Across All Locations

As a franchise owner, you understand the importance of maintaining consistency across all locations.

With Mr. Tomato's LXP, you can create a consistent training program for all of your staff, guaranteeing that your customers receive the same high-quality service at every location.

Efficiently Onboard New Staff

High staff turnover can be a major headache for franchise owners.

With Mr. Tomato, you can easily onboard new staff with our customizable certifications and team management portal, ensuring that they are fully trained and ready to provide top-notch service in no time.

Level-up your restaurant now!

Centralized Communication and Coordination

Mr. Tomato's team management portal and in-app messaging functions provide a centralized platform for communication and coordination, allowing you to easily keep track of your staff and maintain consistency across all locations.

Boost Your Brand Reputation

Your franchise's reputation is crucial to its success.

Mr. Tomato's training and organization solutions will help to ensure that your staff is fully trained and that your restaurant is running smoothly, which can significantly improve your brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Amazing Collab features

Connect with your team
Collaborate on designs in multiple ways--by commenting, co-working, chatting and jumping on quick huddles.
Build  high-converting ads
Use different formats and  pre-built templates, and make marketing creatives without starting from scratch.
Organize and share
Set up folders, manage permissions, vote on creatives and time-box work with Collab.

Collab integrates with all your favourite tools.

Join the Restaurant Revolution with Mr. Tomato!

Employees come and go, but
Mr. Tomato is FOREVER!

Maintain an impeccable team with high-quality service through the ages with our amazing AI-powered features: