Gamify Your Restaurant Staff Training with Mr. Tomato

Looking for a more engaging and effective way to train your restaurant staff?

Mr. Tomato's Gamified Training is the way to go!

Mr. Tomato's Gamified Training feature offers an innovative, interactive approach to restaurant staff training.
With AI-generated questions and fun menu training games, your employees will enjoy learning as they retain more information in less time.
The program offers a customized learning path for each user, identifying strengths and weaknesses and providing immediate feedback to improve learning.

Level-up your restaurant now!

Save Time and Money with Mr. Tomato's Efficient Restaurant Staff Training

Mr. Tomato isn’t just a fun alternative to restaurant training — it is a cost-effective one, too! Digitalizing your restaurant staff training program will save you a significant amount of stress and pennies, from onboarding procedures to continuous talent development.

No designated trainer needed! Mr. Tomato takes over as your assistant training manager by delivering an entire learning experience effectively through a mobile platform.
Mr. Tomato is also the perfect replacement for shadowing, allowing you to onboard your new employees without compromising your other staff’s duties.
The training modules learn from the user’s results and tailor to their needs, reducing the need for individualized training sessions.

Motivate Your Restaurant Staff with Mr. Tomato's Leaderboard

Looking for a way to motivate your restaurant staff and add an extra level of competition to your training program? Mr. Tomato's Leaderboard allows you to track and compare your employees' scores on tests, making the learning process more exciting and engaging for everyone.

Add a healthy competitive element to your restaurant staff training program, motivating employees to perform well and strive to improve their ranking.
By setting up test dates and controlling the test's difficulty and time limits, you can ensure that your employees are actually learning the information they need to succeed on the job.
Create a cool and motivating reward program based on Mr. Tomato’s interactive metrics system.

Effective Training for Your Restaurant Employees

It's important to provide your restaurant employees with the training they need to succeed. Mr. Tomato's training program is designed to help your employees learn the skills they need to excel in their jobs.

Our program is highly engaging and interactive, using games and quizzes to help employees learn and retain information.
With our program, you can easily create a training plan for your employees, ensuring that each employee receives the training they need to perform their job effectively.
Our program also includes videos to help your employees visualize their tasks, making it easier for them to understand and retain the information.

Comprehensive Training for Your Restaurant Staff

Training your restaurant staff can be a complex and challenging task. Mr. Tomato's training program provides a comprehensive solution to help you train your staff quickly and efficiently.

Our program includes a wide range of training modules, covering everything from customer service to food preparation.
With our program, you can easily create a customized training plan for your staff, ensuring that each employee receives the training they need to perform their job effectively.
Our program also includes a variety of training materials, including videos, quizzes, and interactive games, to help your staff learn and retain information.

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