Keep Your Secret Recipes Safe!

Protect your restaurant's intellectual property, employees' personal data, and other sensitive information with Tomato's Advanced Security.

Our cloud storage is fully encrypted and our GPS and WiFi fencing allows you to restrict access to sensitive information outside of your restaurant.

An Information Fort

At Tomato LXP, we understand the importance of keeping your restaurant's information secure.

That's why we've implemented advanced security features to ensure your data is protected at all times, starting with a total blockage against screenshots.

Encryption, the Key to Security

Our cloud storage is fully encrypted, providing an extra layer of protection for your restaurant's intellectual property and employees' personal data.

Level-up your restaurant now!

Fence Off Unauthorized Access

With WiFi fencing, you have the ability to limit access to sensitive information if a device is outside of your restaurant.

Choose your restaurant's Wi-Fi network, and rest easy knowing that no one can access your data outside of that network.

Geo-Restriction for added security

Limit access to the app by choosing the geolocation where it will be available, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your restaurant's information.

Peace of Mind with Mr. Tomato

With Tomato's Advanced Security Levels, you can rest easy knowing that your restaurant's information is safe and secure.

Protect your business and your employees with our top-notch data safety measures.

Amazing Collab features

Connect with your team
Collaborate on designs in multiple ways--by commenting, co-working, chatting and jumping on quick huddles.
Build  high-converting ads
Use different formats and  pre-built templates, and make marketing creatives without starting from scratch.
Organize and share
Set up folders, manage permissions, vote on creatives and time-box work with Collab.

Collab integrates with all your favourite tools.

Join the Restaurant Revolution with Mr. Tomato LXP!

Employees come and go, but
Tomato is FOREVER!

Maintain an impeccable team with high-quality service through the ages with our amazing AI-powered features: