Simplify Restaurant Employee Scheduling with Mr. Tomato LXP

Do you struggle with managing your restaurant staff’s schedules?

Restaurant Scheduling Software

Mr. Tomato's mobile scheduling software makes it easier to stay on top of employee’s working hours, time-off requests, and shift changes.

Effortlessly organize your staff's schedules in a unified calendar system that keeps the entire team connected all the time.
Manage sick leave requests and approve or deny vacation permits quickly and easily.
Make shift changes in seconds and avoid understaffed days.

Benefits of Using a Restaurant Scheduling App

Using a restaurant scheduling software like Mr. Tomato’s has numerous benefits for your business.

Improved communication and collaboration among employees and managers
Increased productivity and efficiency in scheduling tasks
Reduction in scheduling errors and misunderstandings
Better adherence to labor laws and regulations
Improved employee morale and job satisfaction due to fair and transparent scheduling practices
Increased revenue due to better management of employee schedules and availability

The Best Restaurant Schedule Template for Your Team

At Mr. Tomato, we understand that every restaurant is unique. That's why our platform works just like a customizable restaurant schedule template to fit your specific needs.

Easily create and edit shifts for your staff, and assign employees to specific tasks and schedules.
Check who's on duty from anywhere using our mobile restaurant scheduling app.
Manage time-off requests and shift changes quickly and easily.
Keep your team informed and connected with real-time updates.

Why Mr. Tomato is the Best Restaurant Scheduling App

There are many restaurant scheduling apps on the market, but none can compare to Mr. Tomato. Here's why our app is the best choice for your business:

Our app is designed specifically for the restaurant industry, with features and templates tailored to your needs.
We offer a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for you and your staff to manage schedules.
Our app is mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage schedules from anywhere, at any time.
We offer real-time updates to the schedule, so your team is always informed and connected.
Our app is affordable, with pricing plans to fit any budget.

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How to make a restaurant schedule in Mr. Tomato?

Create a new shift for each of your employees, set the start and end times for each, and then choose the frequency or repetition.

How to schedule restaurant shifts in the Mr. Tomato app?

To create a new shift, go to the "Me" tab and press the icon with a calendar on the right side. Then, tap the empty box in front of the person you need or the plus sign in the right corner.
Here you can set up a new shift by following these steps:

Make sure you have chosen the correct person
Select the type of shift (shift, sick day, vacation)
Choose other parameters such as the date, start and end time if needed, repetition and also the date until you want this shift to work
To each shift, you can add notes for additional instructions for your employees.
How to schedule restaurant staff efficiently?

By using Mr. Tomato! You’ll have instant shift coordination, real-time shift tracking, and automated scheduling that can streamline the scheduling process and help avoid understaffed days. It also allows for employee visibility, making it easy for them to view their schedules, request changes, and balance their workload. By using such tools, managers can reduce errors, improve communication, and optimize staff schedules for maximum efficiency.

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