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May 3, 2023
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12 Creative Ideas That Will Fill Up Your Restaurant’s Tipping Box

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If you're a restaurant owner, you know how important it is to have a good tipping box. Not only does it provide a source of income for your employees, but it also shows that your customers appreciate their hard work. However, a plain and boring tipping box may not attract as much attention as you'd like. That's why we've come up with 12 creative ways to personalize your tipping box and get more tips!

#1 Use a unique container

Forget the plain plastic container and opt for something more eye-catching. Use a mason jar, a vintage tin, or a colorful bucket as your tipping box. Your customers will appreciate the effort you put into making it look more appealing.

#2 Add a personal touch

Include a thank-you note or a picture of your staff with their names on it. This will make your customers feel more connected to the people they are tipping and make them more likely to leave a larger tip.

#3 Make it interactive

Create a fun game or a trivia question related to your restaurant and offer a discount or a free dessert for those who get it right. This will not only make your tipping box more interesting but also create a memorable experience for your customers.

#4 Show your charitable side

Offer to donate a portion of your tips to a local charity or organization. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and be more willing to leave a larger tip knowing that it's going towards a good cause.

#5 Use humor

Add a funny or witty sign to your tipping box. Add a pun related to your restaurant's theme or cuisine. For example, "Tipping is gratefully appreciated" for a cheese-themed restaurant. It will not only make your customers laugh but also leave a lasting impression.

#6 Create a theme

Match your tipping box with the theme of your restaurant. For example, if you're a seafood restaurant, use a fishbowl as your tipping box.

#7 Use colors

Incorporate your restaurant's brand colors or use bright and bold colors to make your tipping box stand out. This will draw attention to it and encourage customers to leave a tip.

#8 Get creative with labels

Use quirky labels like "coffee fund" or "tip jar" to make your customers smile and feel more inclined to leave a tip.

#9 Add some bling

Use glitter, stickers, or rhinestones to decorate your tipping box. It will add some sparkle to your restaurant and make your customers want to contribute.

#10 Personalize it for events

Create a special tipping box for holidays like Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day. It will show your customers that you're festive and add some excitement to their dining experience.

#11 Use props

Incorporate props like a mini chalkboard, a mini easel, or a photo frame into your tipping box display. It will make it look more interesting and encourage customers to engage with it.

#12 Make it visible

Place your tipping box in a visible and accessible spot. It should be easy for your customers to see and reach, so they don't have to hunt for it.

A personalized tipping box can go a long way in increasing your tips and making your restaurant stand out. By using these creative ideas, you can make your tipping box fun and engaging for customers. And don't forget, Mr. Tomato LXP is the perfect tool to train your staff on the importance of great service, which can lead to even more tips for your restaurant!

Industry Analyst
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