January 31, 2023
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23 Restaurant Onboarding Techniques to Implement in 2023

Onboarding Coordinator

With every new year, a new wave of evolution unravels the restaurant industry. Since 2020, employee turnovers have risen higher than they’ve ever been, making the optimization of the onboarding process a priority. After all, the key to any restaurant’s success is nothing more than a well-trained staff.

Three years later, we’ve noticed all the deficiencies of the current onboarding procedures and compiled a list of solutions to handle those turnovers like a pro.

Here are 23 techniques you can implement to improve your restaurant's onboarding process this 2023.

1# Develop a comprehensive training program

Make sure you offer a clear learning path for your employees that covers every single aspect of your restaurant. Apps like Mr. Tomato make this easier, with digital training programs and AI-generated lessons, practices, and tests for your employees to learn more efficiently.

2# Begin with the basics

Start the training process by teaching new hires the basics of the restaurant's menu, food preparation techniques, and customer service protocols.

3# Emphasize the importance of teamwork

Restaurants rely heavily on the synchronicity of their teams. Make sure you specify everyone’s roles and how each position relies on the other to function, preferably registering them on a collaborative app.

4# Use visual aids

Videos, images, and illustrations can help new hires understand key concepts and procedures better. Mr. Tomato’s training modules, for example, allow you to upload any type of media.

5# Provide hands-on experience

Allow new hires to practice in a real-life setting under the guidance of a more experienced staff member.

6# Offer ongoing training

Training shouldn’t be a one-time thing. Invest in constant development to keep new hires up to date with new procedures and industry trends.

7# Use digital checklists

Create task logs with instructions to help new hires understand the expectations and standards of the operating procedures (See Mr. Tomato’s Checklists Feature)

8# Offer shadowing opportunities

Allow new hires to observe their teammates perform the work they were also assigned to do so they can understand everything more easily.

9# Set up mentorship programs

Assign new hires with an experienced staff members to guide them more thoroughly through the onboarding process and attend to them with any doubts or questions.

10# Encourage communication and collaboration among new hires, to help them build camaraderie and support networks.Implement a system for tracking new hires' progress and providing feedback.

11# Establish clear expectations

Make sure you specify your new employee’s role, tasks, and career path from the very beginning to avoid confusion and discomfort.

12# Define your restaurant’s values

Provide new hires with information about the restaurant's history, culture, and vision so they truly understand the company’s soul and direction from the start.

13# Create a welcoming environment

Make new hires feel comfortable and part of the team from the moment they walk in. It’s crucial that their motivation begins since day 1.

14# Implement a progress tracking system

Consider using learning software like Mr. Tomato to easily look after your new hires' training progress, checklist completion, and recieve any questions or feedback digitally.

15# Basically, go digital!

Use technology for everything, from mobile training to digital schedules and virtual checklists— every single task becomes easier, more accessible, and quicker!

16# Offer incentives

Motivate your employees with compensations for completing training and meeting performance milestones. With Mr. Tomato’s Leaderboard, you can check everyone’s training scores and reward the top user every week!

17# Encourage continuous learning

Always prioritize your team’s growth and development. Provide them with multiple learning materials for diverse subjects to elevate their knowledge (See Mr. Tomato’s Certifications)

18# Use role-playing exercises to help new hires practice dealing with real-life scenarios.

19# Share real-life stories from experienced staff members, which can help new hires understand the challenges and rewards of working in a restaurant.

20# Use gamification techniques to make the onboarding process more interactive and engaging (See Mr. Tomato’s Gamified Training)

21# Provide a detailed handbook that covers important policies and procedures for your new hires

22# Facilitate questions for your new hires and provide quick feedback (See Mr. Tomato’s FAQ)

23# Encourage new hires to share their own ideas and input to help improve the restaurant.

Implementing these techniques can help ensure that your new hires are well-trained and well-prepared to provide excellent service to your customers. It all begins with knowledge, and so should your 2023!

Good luck on this new year. We hope your restaurant reaches its full potential!

Onboarding Coordinator
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