March 30, 2023
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5 Tips for Remote Restaurant Management

Onboarding Coordinator

After the work-from-home boom of the 2020’s, many industries have permanently adopted the remote job style.

Restaurants, however, even when the demand for delivery services has sky rocketed, can’t really escape on-site working. As long as we exist, there’s no way humans will ever quit the dining out experience. And food, well… just isn’t something you can cook on a computer.

As a restaurant owner or manager, however, there still is a chance to partially digitalize and avoid standing up duties from time to time.

Here are 5 tips to oversee your restaurant remotely:

1# Get Tomato LXP:

As mentioned before, Tomato LXP is an AI-powered restaurant management app that helps streamline your restaurant's procedures, making remote management a breeze. With features like customizable checklists, scheduling, and training modules, Tomato LXP is an all-in-one solution to keep your restaurant running smoothly even when you're not physically present.

2# Standardize your procedures:

Standardizing procedures is essential to ensure consistency in the quality of service, regardless of location or the person responsible. Documenting all the procedures and training staff is crucial to maintaining a high level of excellence in your restaurant, even when you're not there. Consider using Tomato LXP to create and manage checklists to ensure that all employees follow the same procedures and that nothing gets overlooked.

3# Digitalize your staff’s schedules:

By using a digital scheduling system, you can easily monitor your staff's schedules and adjust them accordingly, even when you're not physically present. This will help you ensure that you always have enough staff available to handle busy periods, and it will also make it easier to communicate with your staff about their schedules. Tomato LXP offers an intuitive scheduling feature that makes it easy to manage your staff's schedules from anywhere, at any time.

4# Designate a work messenger:

Communication is key when managing a restaurant remotely. Designating a work messenger, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, will ensure that your team stays connected and informed. If you don’t want to add more apps to your stack, don’t worry! Tomato LXP also has an in-app messenger specialized for work conversations. You can use this messenger to communicate important information, assign tasks, and check in on your staff. This will help you keep a pulse on your restaurant's operations, even when you're not physically present.

5# Start a weekly newsletter:

Finally, consider starting a weekly newsletter to keep your staff informed about important news, events, and changes in your restaurant. This will help you stay connected with your team and keep them engaged in the business. Tomato LXP’s Smartfeed feature allows you to communicate with your team in-app and even create a newsletter-style feed for all your staff to view.

In conclusion, remote restaurant management is possible with the right tools and strategies. By utilizing an all-in-one app like Tomato LXP, standardizing procedures, digitalizing schedules, designating a work messenger, and starting a weekly newsletter, you can keep your restaurant running smoothly even when you're not physically present. With these tips, you'll be able to streamline operations, improve communication, and maintain a high level of service excellence, no matter where you are.

Onboarding Coordinator
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