April 24, 2023
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5 Ways Restaurants can use AI to Improve their Operations

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The restaurant industry has always been fast-paced and competitive, with high staff turnover rates and a constant need to provide excellent customer service. As technology continues to advance, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a valuable tool for many industries, including the restaurant industry. One such example is Mr. Tomato LXP, an app that specializes in restaurant staff training, onboarding, and team development through the use of AI.

Here are five ways restaurants can use AI to their benefit:

#1 Streamlining Restaurant Staff Training and Onboarding

Training new staff can be time-consuming and costly, but with AI-powered training systems like Mr. Tomato, the onboarding process can be made more efficient and effective. Mr. Tomato provides an engaging and gamified experience for new hires, with auto-generated questions and customized learning paths based on the user's needs. By utilizing AI in this way, restaurants can onboard new staff members more quickly, retain staff members, and improve overall staff performance.

#2 Making Data-Driven Decisions

Restaurants can use AI-generated analytics to make data-driven decisions, such as menu item popularity and staff performance. Mr. Tomato's analytics capabilities allow restaurants to track staff progress and menu item popularity, enabling them to optimize their operations and provide a better dining experience for customers. By using data to make informed decisions, restaurants can stay ahead of the competition and provide a better customer experience.

#3 Improving Customer Experience

By utilizing AI-powered tools like chatbots, restaurants can improve their customer experience by providing personalized and timely responses to customer queries. AI-powered chatbots can also help to reduce wait times for customers, enabling restaurants to provide faster and more efficient service.

AI is also being used to streamline the ordering process. With AI-powered menu optimization like Mr. Tomato’s, restaurants can personalize menus for each customer, based on their past orders, dietary restrictions, and preferences. This not only improves the ordering experience but can also increase revenue by promoting high-margin items.

#4 Enhancing Inventory Management

AI can help restaurants optimize their inventory management by predicting demand for specific menu items, ensuring that restaurants have enough stock to meet customer demand without oversupplying. With Mr. Tomato's QR Menu and AI-powered analytics, restaurants can predict menu item popularity and ensure that they have enough stock to meet customer demand.

#5 Perfecting Procedures

AI-powered checklists provide an efficient and stress-free way for restaurant staff members to follow procedures accurately and consistently. By eliminating the need for paper-based checklists, Mr. Tomato offers a unified system with personalized recommendations based on staff member's role and training level. Managers can monitor task progress in real-time, improving overall efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By automating the checklist process, restaurants can save time and resources, leading to a better dining experience for customers.

AI Technology Specialist
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