November 22, 2022
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Effective Onboarding in the Digital Age

Industry Analyst

Everybody knows how important first impressions are. A single glance is capable of initiating a thousand assumptions in someone’s brain. Companies and corporations know this by heart, so when it’s time to introduce a new person to their team, all the efforts are put in to make sure everything leads to an exciting start.

This welcoming process is called onboarding, and although most people reduce it to just paperwork procedures, it really should be more meticulous than that.

The introduction to the team, specific roll assignments, training, schedule definition, and disclosure of the company’s policies are very crucial aspects of onboarding that can’t be done in careless ways. Each new employee must receive everything necessary for them to incorporate properly to your company from the very beginning, making sure that both their commitment and enthusiasm are in line.

Logically, onboarding isn’t a simple procedure. It takes up costs and time, specially within the restaurant industry where employee turnovers are the highest. In consequence, companies are starting to digitalize their onboarding process, acquiring virtual platforms and softwares where they can log their entire intellectual property and deliver it properly to their whole staff— the old and the new!

With management platforms such as Mr. Tomato, restaurants can register their employees information, their roles, and their schedules and publish them for their staff to view from their phones anytime. In the same way, they can upload materials such as menus, recipes, and policies and the app will not only allow visualization, but will also create entire training modules for your employees to learn as quickly and effectively as possible.

This way, companies are starting to prioritize the flow of their onboarding duties as they invest in technological solutions that ensure a satisfactory experience by half of the price. The own employees phones are now replacing expensive and time-consuming trials, meetings, manuals, and paperwork. Evolution has proven that everything can really be that simple!

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Industry Analyst
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