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September 22, 2023
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Elevating Employee Retention in the QSR Industry with Mr. Tomato LXP



The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry trend includes a fast-paced environment and high employee turnover rates. To solve this issue, recent studies have shown that implementing a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) can significantly impact employee retention. In this article, we'll delve into the findings of a recent study, demonstrating how a comprehensive LXP can revolutionize employee involvement and retention strategies in the QSR industry.

The Significance of Employee Development:

One of the key factors contributing to employee turnover is the perceived lack of development opportunities. Most employees desire continuous learning, growth, and opportunities to advance their careers. An LXP, such as Mr. Tomato, provides a simplified employee development path, at a low cost, that align with employees' intrinsic interests and career aspirations.

Mr. Tomato LXP revolutionizes restaurant staff learning through an innovative approach that harnesses user-generated content for interactive quizzes.

  • Embracing the prevalent social media lifestyle, the platform fosters a sense of community among staff members by offering a scrolling timeline to share news and events. This dynamic environment also incorporates AI-generated pop-up questions directly related to their training materials, ensuring a stimulating learning experience.
  • Mr. Tomato LXP introduces gamified learning modules for Menu, Bar, and Policy Training, along with auto-generated questions, enabling a customized learning journey tailored to individual needs. With a strong emphasis on engagement and memory retention, this platform represents a cutting-edge solution for rapid and effective staff development in the restaurant industry.

EdCast Study:

EdCast conducted a comprehensive study analyzing LXP platform usage data over a five-year period within a medium-sized organization. By examining performance measures such as content completions, social activity, and employee learning hours, they identified a crucial correlation between learning hours and employee retention.

- EdCast split employees into two groups: the above average group who had a survival rate of 85.8% and below average group had a survival rate of 61.4%. The average number for learning hours was 40.1.

- These results show that employees who spent at least 40 hours on a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) were 39% more likely to stay than employees who spent a fewer number of hours.

Implementing a Multifaceted LXP Software in the QSR Industry:

For the QSR industry, where high turnover rates are prevalent, adopting the best learning experience platform presents a game-changing solution.

Here's how I can elevate employee retention:

1. Tailored Learning Paths: Customized learning paths for employees, aligning their development with specific-to-role educational opportunities.

2. Onboarding Efficiency: Improves onboarding processes, to allow new hires contribution at a quicker rate, reducing the likelihood of early turnover.

3. Accessible Knowledge Base: Centralizing resources and knowledge, so employees can easily access information, reducing time spent searching for answers and increasing productivity.

4. Continuous Up-Skilling: Facilitating ongoing skill development, ensuring employees are equipped to handle diverse roles within the QSR environment.


In the dynamic and competitive QSR industry, employee retention is a critical factor for sustained success. EdCast's study underscores the pivotal role of a multifaceted Learning Experience Platform in driving engagement, skill development, and ultimately, higher retention rates. By investing in an LXP, like Mr. Tomato, tailored to the unique demands of the QSR industry, businesses can proactively retain key talent, reduce costs associated with turnover, and ultimately thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Join me today and experience the positive change first-hand in your restaurant today!

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