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December 5, 2022
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How “Il Molino” Solved the 5 Main Restaurant Problems with Mr. Tomato

Customer Success Manager

Every restaurant owner or manager has the same ongoing nightmare: a bad team performance day breaking their business. Executives of Il Molino, a pizza chain with over 15 restaurants and 500 employees, were starting to get overwhelmed by the high turnover, the constant training, and the sudden high speed that was demanded to prevent a decrease in sales and a damaged reputation.

They needed a solution, a very quick one. And after a desperate search, they found the perfect solution just in time: Mr. Tomato.

Almost immediately, they noticed how the app was single-handedly taking over their challenges. Here’s how Mr. Tomato solved Il Molino’s 5 Restaurant Problems:

1. Long internship period

On average, it took two weeks to train new employees, which was a significant investment of time and resources. However, Mr. Tomato was able to reduce this period by 50%, down to just 5-7 days. The app's clear structuring of materials and information, as well as its engaging game format, helped trainees quickly absorb the information they needed to succeed.

2. High staff turnover

The rate was above 50% due to a lack of organization and outdated training materials. Mr. Tomato was able to help reduce staff turnover by 20%, as it engaged trainees and encouraged learning. The game format made training more fun, and the clear structure of the materials made it easier to understand.

3. Low quality of menu knowledge

A lack of time for frequent testing of all employees led to limited knowledge of menu contents, something that affected customer service greatly. However, Mr. Tomato was able to increase the average check by up from 10% to 30%, as constant self-training and testing of employees helped them learn all the ingredients, allergens, and what goes well with what. With this knowledge, they were better equipped to sell more effectively.

4. High employee loss during the first week of internship

Lack of attention from management and colleagues led to a 20% loss of new employees during the first week of their internship. However, Mr. Tomato was able to reduce this figure by half, thanks to clear and structured feedback via messenger, Smartfeed, and personal contact with the manager through the application. This attention helped employees feel more engaged and valued from the very beginning.

5. Dismissal of qualified employees due to a lack of interest in work

Lastly, a lack of transparency in career growth and a decrease in interest in work led to the dismissal of 10% of qualified employees. However, Mr. Tomato was able to negate this problem by offering a personnel reserve. This reserve gave employees an individual training plan and a clear understanding of what they needed to master and in what time frame. With a clear path forward, employees were more likely to stay engaged and invested in their work.

In conclusion, Mr. Tomato was able to help Il Molino overcome a variety of obstacles and improve their staff performance. With a reduction in the internship period, lower staff turnover, increased menu knowledge, reduced employee loss, and a more transparent career growth path, Il Molino was able to succeed where they had previously struggled. If you're looking to improve your own restaurant's staff performance, Mr. Tomato may be just the app you need!

Customer Success Manager
Mr. Tomato

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