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April 3, 2023
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Mr. Tomato LXP Franchise Case Study: Eco-Lavka Goes 100% Green and Digital

Customer Success Manager

Eco-Lavka is the largest chain of health food stores in Ukraine, with 98 locations in 17 cities across the country. Their stores specialize in the sale of natural and environmentally friendly products that are grown and produced on farms. Eco-Lavka is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, and it has become a top destination for health-conscious consumers.

Managing such a large chain of stores and ensuring consistent quality while using as little resources as possible can be challenging. Luckily, Eco-Lavka found a solution that would transform their operations forever.

Mr. Tomato LXP is an AI-powered LXP created to simplify staff management and training in a digital way, making the process faster, effective, and engaging without the usual waste. This was enough to make Eco-Lavka decided give it a try, and to their surprise, it fit like a glove with their expectations.

The platform's automated training feature made it possible to train employees efficiently and effectively. The AI-generated practice screens and tests increased employee engagement, productivity, and motivation. No paper manuals, expensive training, and unnecessary expenses needed: Mr. Tomato’s completely digital approach took care of everything for them.

Digitalizing training, work communication, schedules, and checklists in a gamified interface magnified Eco-Lavka’s employee experience, making teamwork more productive, consistent, and with a reduced margin of error. But on top of all these amazing improvements, Eco-Lavka executives highlighted one very important aspect: the ‘Eco’ side of Mr. Tomato. Using the app, they have significantly reduced paper waste and increased sustainability. For a company like Eco-Lavka, which is committed to environmentally friendly practices, this was a crucial factor in their decision to adopt the platform.

Before implementing Mr. Tomato, Eco-Lavka used to rely on paper-based procedures for many of their operational tasks. With the platform's optimized operations feature, however, employees can now organize their schedules, view their tasks, and go through constant and easy training digitally.

Mr. Tomato has transformed Eco-Lavka's staff management and training system, creating a better work environment for its employees and increasing customer satisfaction. The platform's advanced features have made the training and management of employees more efficient, resulting in a more productive workforce.

This is the future of chain management. If you are a franchise manager or owner of a health food store chain, try Mr. Tomato and experience the power of AI in transforming your business into a powerhouse.

Customer Success Manager
Mr. Tomato

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