May 1, 2023
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The 7 Best Features of Mr.Tomato LXP in 2023

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As a restaurant owner or manager, you know the importance of efficient and effective training for your staff, as well as the challenges of managing a busy schedule.

If you're looking for a solution to improve your restaurant's training and management, Mr.Tomato LXP has got you covered.

Mr.Tomato LXP is an all-in-one app that provides a complete solution for restaurant owners to train, manage, and communicate with their staff.

Here are the seven best features of Mr.Tomato LXP that make it the ultimate tool for restaurant success in 2023:


#1 Checklists

With Mr.Tomato LXP, you can easily create checklists for onboarding new employees. These checklists ensure that all new hires complete the necessary tasks and procedures accurately and efficiently. This feature is particularly helpful for restaurant owners and managers who want to make sure that their staff completes every task such as restaurant cleaning, restaurant opening, and restaurant maintenance properly. By using the checklist feature in Mr.Tomato LXP, you can rest assured that your new hires are following a step-by-step guide to perform their tasks flawlessly.

#2 Digital Playbook

Get your new employees aquainted with your restaurant’s policies from the start with Mr. Tomato’s Digital Playbook. Sit back and watch them learn your entire list of rules, protocols, and standards from the comfort of their phones with interactive practice screens and questions.


#3 Gamified Lessons

Gamification is a popular trend in training, and Mr.Tomato LXP has taken notice. The platform's gamified lessons feature turns training into a fun and engaging experience. By incorporating game-like elements into training, employees are more likely to retain the information they learn.

#4 AI Smart Feed

Mr.Tomato LXP's AI Smart Feed feature uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized training content for each employee. The AI analyzes each employee's learning style and provides content that is tailored to their needs. This feature ensures that each employee is getting the training they need to perform their job to the best of their ability.

#5 Certifications

Certifications are a great way to recognize employees who have completed specific training programs. Mr.Tomato LXP allows you to create certifications for your staff, making it easy to track their progress and reward their achievements. Certifications are a great way to motivate your staff to complete training programs and improve their skills.


#6 Digital Schedules

Mr.Tomato LXP's digital scheduling feature makes it easy to manage your restaurant's schedules. You can view and manage schedules on a unified system, making it easy to track employee availability and schedule shifts. This feature is particularly helpful for restaurant owners and managers who want to ensure that their staff is scheduled properly and efficiently.

#7 Chainboss Dashboard

For restaurant owners with multiple locations, Mr.Tomato LXP's Chainboss Dashboard is a game-changer. The dashboard allows owners to manage all their locations in one place, making it easy to track employee performance, schedule shifts, and communicate with staff. This feature provides owners with a comprehensive view of their business and helps them make data-driven decisions.

Mr.Tomato LXP is the future of restaurant training and management. Its highly customizable platform and AI-powered features make it easier for restaurant owners to train, manage, and communicate with their staff. From onboarding to scheduling, Mr.Tomato LXP has everything you need to run a successful restaurant. With features like checklists, gamified lessons, certifications, and the Chainboss Dashboard, Mr.Tomato LXP is the ultimate tool for restaurant success in 2023.

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