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January 25, 2023
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Tips to Master Restaurant Staff Training in This New Era

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Restaurant managers and owners around the country surely have lots of things in common, but one that we’re mostly certain of is a shared feeling of dread for one particular task: staff training.

Onboarding new employees can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially in the fast-paced restaurant industry. However, with the advancements in technology and the shift in how people learn, there are ways to make the process faster and more efficient during this brand-new era.

Here are a few tips to help you master the restaurant staff training process:

Tip #1: Develop a comprehensive training manual.

Having a clear and detailed training manual will save you time and energy in the long run. It will also ensure that all new staff members receive the same information and that they can refer back to it as needed. Your company’s history, menu and recipes, procedures, and policies— everything thoroughly specified for your new employees to digest easily.

Tip #2: Implement a mobile-based training program.

With the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, mobile-based training programs are a convenient and efficient way to train your staff. This allows them to access training materials and complete quizzes on their own time, without having to be physically present in the restaurant. Apps like Mr. Tomato are available to download from both Google Play and App Store, and even offer a free trial for you to experience its wonders.

Tip #3: Gamify the training process.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But using game-based learning platforms can help you increase the engagement and motivation of your team. Allowing your team to have fun can make the training process more enjoyable and interactive, and it can also help them improve their retention of information. Mr. Tomato implements gamification in its digital practices and tests, making the process more visualy enticing and leading to real results.

Tip #4: Leverage AI-powered training tools.

The real trademark of this new era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools can be used to personalize the training process for each staff member. It can help identify their strengths and weaknesses and provide customized training plans and exercises to help them improve. Luckily, Mr. Tomato is totally up with this trend, using AI to customize each user’s learning path based on their specific needs.

Tip #5: Regularly evaluate and update the training process.

Keeping an eye on your employees’ progress can help you identify the areas that need improvement and ensure that your staff is receiving the most up-to-date and relevant training. Obviously, it’s hard to keep up with everyone at once, so aiding yourself with training software with a tracking feature like Mr. Tomato is essential. There, you get real-time analytics with usage statistics and results for you to check in the palm of your hand.

By following these tips, you can make your restaurant staff training process faster and more efficient during your brand-new era, using the latest technology and learning methods. Happy training!

Training Specialist
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